The Resort at Pelican Hill Branded Products

Hotel Collaboration

Nat + Nik is excited to collaborate with the prestigious five-star luxury hotel, The Resort at Pelican Hill in Newport Coast, California in July 2023. We have designed three exquisite signature soaps as welcome gifts for the hotel's esteemed guests. The Resort at Pelican Hill's support for local businesses and appreciation of the arts is truly commendable.

The three designs are as follows:

Crystal Cove - This soap captures the serene ocean scene of Crystal Cove, a cherished spot near the resort. The refreshing rosemary, sage, and citrus scents create a delightful resort signature scent.

Capri Olivo - A luxurious soap inspired by the abundant olive trees at the resort. Himalayan pink salts adorned with mica resemble olives, while meticulously hand-painted branches complete the elegant design. The fragrance of Japanese grapefruit, sweet olive, and watercress evokes the captivating ambiance of Capri Island overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Murdock the Pelican - A playful and specially-designed soap featuring Murdock the Pelican in pursuit of a fish. This delightful logo soap is crafted with children in mind, lightly scented with crisp cotton—a universally beloved clean and children-friendly fragrance.


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