Husky Soap

Husky Soap

"Thunder shook the earth. A husky whimpered in the snow and rain. The city was flooded by the downpour. He leaped up on a floating wood plank. It wobbled slightly and he yelped with fear. He curled up on the large wooden plank and looked around sadly....."

Hi, my name is Nikki. I'm 10 years old. Since I am too young to touch lye, I like to help my mom with designing and packaging soaps. My mom always says "Every batch of soap carries a story of inspiration!" I love animals and enjoy spending my free time reading and writing. During the last Christmas season, I got my inspiration from writing my own short story about a thrilling adventure of a husky, and this soap was made to portray him! I can't wait to design another delightful soap for the upcoming holidays! 


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